Vodds it's a scam!

If this page exists, it means that Vodds still have not paid my €20K.

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My name is Muhammad and an unpleasant situation happened to me. Vodds refuses to withdraw my money (20,199.89 euros).

Let's start in order. I registered on the Vodds website on May 19, made a small deposit (395 euros) and, unfortunately, lost it the next day.

Basically, I bet on virtual football. Here is the list of tournaments that my bets were on:


A week passed, I decided to go back and recoup.

In the evening of May 28, I made 2 deposits in the amount of 2,994.74 euros

On the night of May 28-29, I also replenished my account with 2,960.00 euros

May 28 was a disgusting day and I lost -3634.50 euros.

On May 29, I managed to win back my money a little. For this day, my profit was 986.22 euros.

On May 30, I was able to recoup a little again - in many respects, thanks to the bets on virtual football (yes, again!). It was night time. In the LIVE-FOOTBALL section there were only virtual matches in FIFA, so I had to bet on these matches. For this day my profit was 1,662.78 euros


On May 31, I made a deposit of 767.71 euros to play virtual football even more actively, but, alas, for some reason there weren’t so many FIFA20 matches that day, so I didn’t make so many bets that day, and my profit was 214.99 Euro.

In the evening of May 31, I withdrew 5,952 euros. Moreover, my profit for all the time was still negative and amounted to −1165.45 euros.

After a couple of days (June 2), I decided to return and continue to bet, in order to finally bring my balance to profit.

On the evening of June 2, I made a deposit of 1,975.73 euros.

On the night of June 2 to 3, I replenished my account with another 675 euros.

Honestly, this was a terrible decision. I bet on virtual football, and on real. During this period I lost both of these deposits: another -2,650.51 euros!

My losses for all the time at that time amounted to -3815 euros. It was terrible.


With another attempt to win back my money, I returned on June 9th. That day I replenished my balance with 730 euros. And lost again: -336.57 euros.

The next day (June 10), I corrected my situation a bit, having won back 387.64 euros.

When I realized that to win back such a big loss (-3815 euros), a balance of 730 euros was not enough and on June 11 I made another deposit of 4697.98 euros. This was my last deposit. For myself, I then clearly decided that I had to recoup my losses and end this game.

On June 11th, I again decided to bet only on virtual football (I play a lot of FIFA20 on the PS4, so I understand this sports simulator well). My strategy was simple: I watched the broadcasts of these matches (on Twitch), waited for the teams to start playing not so actively (less shots on goal, the ball more in the middle of the field) and I'm betting on Under. Sometimes, if I saw that one of the players was playing more actively, despite being an outsider, then I was bet on handicap on underdog. But, basically, these were bets on Under.


For June 11 (738.91) and June 12 (3500.07) due to the bets on virtual football, I managed to win quite well and I decided to withdraw money. But I ran into the rule that it was necessary to make a 6-fold turnover of the sum of all deposits (since the last withdrawal) and the current withdrawal. This is a unique Vodds rule (there are no such strict rules regarding the necessary turnover anywhere; as a rule, it is enough to make a 1-fold turnover and the last deposit and any bookmaker/broker/agent will withdraw your money, but not the Vodds that want you to make more turnover - due to which they and earn). If you refuse to carry out such a turnover, then a rather large commission is taken. So I canceled my withdrawal request and continued to play.

The next day I requested 9,718.90 euros. I was again denied because of this turnover rule. And I continued to play again. I had to play every day and for many hours in order to finally fulfill stupid rule on turnover and withdraw my money. It so happened that I started to get very lucky and won quite good money:


On June 19, I requested a withdrawal of 10,000.00 euros. I was told that my account is being checked for compliance and I will be emailed with its results. I said ok and again asked to cancel the deposit.


On June 20, I asked for a withdrawal of 15,000.00 euros and at the same time asked how long this check would take (no one answered my mail about the results of the check). In response, I received a message that I need to send a passport and a selfie with a passport. And this, despite the fact that my account has already been verified (when registering I already sent photos of both sides of my ID and also I'm confirmed the address) and earlier I successfully replenished my account and also withdrew money. I sent a photo of my passport and a selfie with a passport.

They answered me after almost a day (obviously, they was looking with another reason not to pay my money), requesting a call on Skype or WhatsApp. I do not use these services, because I consider them unsafe (there are a lot of interesting things on the Internet about this - you can google it).

In addition, in the Terms and Conditions published on the Vodds website, there is no clause that the client must register with other services in order to receive his money. They just came up with this rule and it is not displayed on the Terms and Conditions page. Accordingly, they do not have the right to request such a call.

They even admitted that there is no such item, but nevertheless, they ask for this call. Where is the logic?!


In tilt, I began to random betting and with a balance of 22,125.72 euros, my balance became 10,880 euros. I sent a request to withdraw at least this money - my request was again ignored.

Then I decided for good luck to put the entire balance on the match of the English Premier League Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace. For some reason, the limit was 10,000 per match. Therefore, the rest (881 euros) I put on the victory of Parma.


I was lucky, Crystal Palace scored the second goal in the half (by the way, the teams never scored more in the entire match), my bet was winning and my balance was 20,199.89 euros. I would also like to note that my net profit for the whole time amounted to 10,955.73 euros. That is, almost half of the current balance (20,199.89 euros) is just my deposits.

Since then I have not made a single bet and requested the entire balance for the withdrawal - Vodds again ignored my request, referring to the mandatory Skype call (I remind you that such a requirement is not in their Terms and Conditions). Tomorrow they can will ask to record a dance in TikTok (or something else) and will continue to look for reasons not to pay my winnings. I note that not a single popular, authoritative and respected betting environment bookmaker/broker/agent asks to call on Skype.

I asked why I need a Skype call, to which I was given the answer "to verify that all your data is true and correct".


I provided them with a photo of my ID, provided a confirmation of the address, provided a passport, and also took a picture with a passport at their request! And this is not enough for them!

Ok, no problem, I said, and provided them with a link to the official state website of Malaysia, where you can check the validity of my data by entering my ID on this page.





In addition, I am ready to provide them with a password from my personal account on the official state website of Malaysia so that they can personally verify the correctness of my data. This information has been verified by the official authority!


They ignored this message and did not respond to my offer.

As a result:


1. My account is verified by 4 proofs (both sides of my ID, address confirmation, passport and also selfie with a passport).

2. I made a big turnover (214,254.94 euros - from the moment of the previous withdrawal (yes, my account is OK and earlier I had already replenished and withdrew money) from June 2 to June 20). Since Vodds is a broker and earns from the commission from the turnover of his players - they have already earned on me! But, apparently, they want more - they want to take all my balance!

3. My winnings are not so big considering my deposits. My profit for all the time 10,955.73 euro; now there is 20,199.89 euros on the balance. And this means that almost half are just my deposits.

4. My documents and my data are verified by the Malaysian state website. I repeat, I'm ready to provide the password of my personal account at the Malaysian state website to superiors of Vodds so that they can verify the correctness of my data.

Vodds ignores my messages and does not pay my winnings.

Kind regards,
Muhammad from Malaysia. June 23, 2020.